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    Today's business scenario is fast changing and keeping pace with it in itself is becoming a challenge.

Supply chains are shrinking and more and more companies are looking to unleash the potential of the erstwhile dull and mundane "operations" by e-enabling and optimizing it.

Today's CEOs are engaged in finding new and novel means of generating value. And to do this they are looking at e-biz and supply chain management as a strategic tool. But the same e-biz and supply chain strategy could translate into different options for different organizations.

We at Leo Consulting (coming soon)are geared up to enable these challenges for you! By deploying a comitted and experienced workforce, we enable organizations to

* Envision IT and supply chain straegies
* Translate the vision into implementable actions, rewarding quick benefits
* Deploy solutions to make your organization move fast in the "consistent growth" trackX.



Lc ( Leo Consulting ) is envisaged to be a fresh player in the consulting arena and is proud to have hard-core professionals on board.

The management team at Lc would be headed by Ranga, a specialist in IT strategy, SAP and supply chain consulting. Ranga has been invovled with a wide range of assignments of varied nature for clinets ranging from

* Samsung Electronics
* Indian Oil
* Peisico
* Alstom
* Telstra
* etc

He is a consultant in a Big5 consulting powerhouse.

Alongwith him are professionals who are comitted to solve complex problems for you, considering your markets and requirements.


At Lc we strong believe that people are the most important resources to any organization. What good is a fantastic plan if it cant be implemented ( by people of course).

We constantly promote strong out-of-the-box thinking and set free the imaginations of our people.

In today's scenario, its the idea that matters the most. Some may ridicule this by countering that ideas are dime a dozen. But we simply dont stop at ideas. Its our people that make these ideas happen.

Our strong team of industry and IT consultants make your ideas happen. If you have an idea for your business, our people will make it happen. That's the power of Leo.


Leo believes in mixing work with play to make sure burn outs are reduced to a minimum. Our knowledge gurus are busy and stressed solving out your problems. But they are least bothered about their problems since they are automatically taken care of. At Lc, we would care for our people. And since we take care of our people, they take care of our clients. That would be the "secret" of our success. This is not the only one though.